Healthy Lives. Efficient Care. Lower Costs.

Atlantic Coast Health Network (ACHN) is a physician-led Regional Clinically Integrated Network (Regional CIN), launched in 2015 with the objective of developing a more sustainable healthcare delivery system. ACHN provides value to patients, healthcare providers, employers, and payors by delivering outstanding clinical care and lowering overall healthcare spend.


Get the care you need, when you need it, at an affordable cost.


Be part of a value-based network that rewards you for your performance.


Offer your employees a high-quality plan and comprehensive wellness program.


Participate in a collaborative care program to better serve the population.

What is Clinical Integration?

A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) brings together a group of healthcare providers with the shared goal of delivering high quality care at a lower cost. By coordinating efforts, closing gaps, reducing inefficiencies and measuring utilization across the healthcare continuum, CINs can ensure that the most appropriate services are delivered at the right time, for the right cost.


Physician leadership

Evidence-based guidelines

Data sharing

Performance-driven incentives

The Network

When two or more health systems come together with the intent of reaching a larger population, the resulting alliance is known as a Super Clinically Integrated Network. ACHN unites South Florida’s most trusted names in healthcare—Holy Cross Physician Partners (HCPP) and Memorial Health Network (MHN)—through a common leadership viewpoint, strong cultural compatibility, mutual respect, and a history of effectively working together. Under a single structure, this Super CIN allows for all participating systems to collaborate more effectively while expanding the lives covered.

Quality Results

At Atlantic Coast Health Network, we firmly believe that the more patient-focused we are, the better the results across the board. This requires an integrated system that examines what works best to achieve our goal of providing healthcare as it should be.

Our metrics enable us to determine how we are performing against nationally recognized benchmark measures of quality and efficiency. The Network, physicians and patients reap the benefits of practices that begin with the end goal in mind—improving care for a healthier population.

Regional Footprint

ACHN brings together over 1,750 physicians with approximately 190,000 covered lives. Across the care continuum, South Florida’s most reputable healthcare systems, facilities, providers and services work together to enhance access points and expand the region’s populations covered.

  • 1,762 Physicians
  • 7 Hospitals
  • 4 Urgent Care Centers
  • 5 Diagnostic Centers
  • 1 Skilled Nursing Facility

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