A Network Built For You

Atlantic Coast Health Network (ACHN) offers providers an opportunity to enjoy shared savings while optimizing care for their patients. Through distribution of risk, providers are able to — create more value while decreasing waste, and in turn, improving patient engagement. ACHN also provides access to an expansive, integrated network of resources, making it easier for providers to coordinate care for their patients. As a member of our Network, you can benefit financially from an innovative payment model — while retaining a measure of control over your practice.

Why Partner With Us?

Coordinate care across a high-performing network.
Benefit from emerging payment models.
Utilize data analytics to identify high-risk patients.
Maintain independence.
Improve clinical outcomes while enhancing patient experience.
— Charles Russo, MD

"Accountable care means being accountable to the patient first, the community second, and to the nation third.”

— Charles Russo, MD

Quality Protocols

By developing clear metrics and scorecards, healthcare systems and provider members are rewarded for their efforts towards achieving better results for their patients. Evidence-based protocols lead to better outcomes that translate into cost savings.


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