Collaborating to Improve Health

Atlantic Coast Health Network (ACHN) has a strong history of establishing effective payor partnerships to better serve the patient population. Payors that have already adopted the collaborative care model find that ACHN aligns with their shared goals of improved health, affordability and patient satisfaction. From a payor’s perspective, ACHN’s population health initiatives ultimately provide a better experience for the patient.

Why Partner With Us?

Coordinate care more efficiently.
Appeal to employers with cost savings opportunities and on-site wellness solutions.
Reduce likelihood of readmission.
Offer members more wellness and disease management programs.
Reward physicians for their performance.
Improve patient satisfaction.
— Marco N. Vitiello, MD, Senior Medical Director at Cigna

“Cigna's relationship with Atlantic Coast Health Network has enabled us to work collaboratively for the benefit of the people we serve, while rewarding doctors for the value they provide. Our model is the future of healthcare, and shows what's possible when a health plan and a healthcare delivery system work together to achieve common goals.”

— Marco N. Vitiello, MD, Senior Medical Director at Cigna

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