A Smarter Solution to Lower Employer Costs

Health insurance is currently one of the highest expenses for organizations. Even as premiums continue to rise, keeping your staff healthy is essential to productivity, job performance and employee satisfaction. Equipped with vast resources, Atlantic Coast Health Network (ACHN) is a sophisticated, fully integrated healthcare delivery system providing innovative solutions designed to reduce employer costs and improve clinical outcomes. Our tailored approach to the comprehensive and proactive health management of an employee population results in a healthier and happier workforce.

The Perfect Fit

Our flexible, cost-effective technology platform allows employers to customize their health benefit program, with best-in-class plug-and-play solutions, and streamlines communication across all subnetworks for a truly integrated infrastructure. From dedicated Concierge Navigators to designated employee screenings, all programs are catered to suit each organization’s unique needs.

“ACHN provided our organization with a cost-effective solution that not only makes financial sense but empowers the entire staff. By incorporating on-site screenings, pre-employment physicals, and multiple wellness initiatives, we’ve made quality healthcare more accessible to all.”

— CEO, Company

Why Partner With Us?

At ACHN, we are committed to working closely with your organization, determining your specific needs for managing and reducing total cost of care while promoting and ensuring better health for your entire workforce. Inspired by those we serve, we firmly believe that every patient deserves convenient access to higher quality medical care.

Enjoy the benefits of coordinated care.
Keep your staff healthy by participating in wellness programs.
Gain timely access to the network’s physicians and affiliated facilities.
Provide employees with disease management education programs and access to disease-specific clinics.
Offer on-site screenings for more convenience.
Ease the transition for an employee from hospital to home and back to work.

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